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We made it back, despite efforts to foil our return trip. Thank you for all of the work that you and your compatriots in Athens did to make our vacation a splendid adventure. And a special thanks to Sophia and Panos for helping, in the final hours, to stay in touch with us to ensure that we were doing the right things to ensure that our return trip would be as painless as possible.
Mike, Debbie, David, and Lauri
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Departure from: Athens

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Mycenae-Epidaurus Full Day with lunch included

The tour begins with a drive along the coastal road of the Saronic Gulf, passing the famous Corinth Canal. We then continue on to Mycenae which is the most important archeaological site of the mainland and visit the imposing ruins accompanied by our professional guide. Homer described the ancient city as a “City rich in gold” and it was here that the Golden Mask of Agamemnon was unearthed; along with many other treasures that exactly matched Homer’s descriptions in the Iliad. Enter the city by the magnificent Lion’s Gate and stroll up to Agamemnon’s Royal Palace.

In the afternoon enjoy a drive to the most famous theatre of ancient Greece at Epidaurus, renowned for its amazing acoustics (a result of the Greeks' high technical knowledge at the time) and then back to the Corinth Canal for a brief stop before returning to Athens.

Guided tour and entrance fees are included in the listed price.

Duration: 10 hours
Guide speaks: ENGLISH