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Top Beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos is an island with small series of beaches surrounding it. The island is located in Cyclades. If you are ever in need of a tranquil place for relaxation, then Mykonos happens to be the place.  Mykonos beaches are unique as they offer all kinds of tastes and moods. There...
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Why romance is important for a relationship to succeed

Romance and relationships are the most widely discussed topics in the world today. Indeed, romance adds color to a relationship and epitomizes great joy and happiness in a relationship. Being in a relationship and ignoring romance is like trying to fit a square peg in a round...

Acropolis: Brief history of the most famous monument of Athens

The early Greeks built their cities around hills that could be easily defended.  Later, they served as fortresses and places of worship.  The word acropolis derives from the Greek words meaning upper city. The most famous Acropolis of Athens rises about 200feet/156m  above the...

Exploring Santorini Volcano

Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands, located between Anafi and Ios islands. Santorini is also a name referring to the surrounding family of islands. Santorini is also known as Thira which formed a single island prior to the major volcanic...

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

Starting your new life with romance, luxury and relaxation is a dream come true in no other place than Greece.  Find the optimal honeymoon package that agrees with your dreams and budget. The Aegean islands rank top among honeymoon destinations, popular among couples of all ages...
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Greece can offer you unique romantic moments

Romance, serenity, luxury, exorbitance; whatever you wish your honeymoon to be like, Greece is the place for your dream to come true.  A Greek honeymoon is all you ever wished for. Perfect weather, sunny skies, crystal clear waters are there awaiting for you.  While in Greece,...
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Mykonos Honeymoon

If you wish to have a glamorous honeymoon then Mykonos one of the Cyclades islands is the place for you also known as the Island of Winds.  It is the most visited island throughout the year.  It attracts people from all walks of life, celebrities, graduates, families and most of...
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Explore peloponnese coast

Peloponnese The Peloponnese is part of the Greek mainland but all but separated from the rest of it by the Gulf of Corinth. Only the narrow Isthmus of Corinth attaches it to the rest of the mainland – or used to, until the four-mile Corinth Canal was cut across the isthmus...
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General Brochures of Greece and the Greek Islands

Find general brochures for Crete, Dodecanese, Peloponnesse, Athens and all Greek Islands. Download them for free (PDF format)
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Explore the island of Crete – the biggest island in Aegean

A honeymoon in Crete is a lifetime experience for couples from all over the world. A memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.    It is the largest island in the Aegean.  In Crete there is an abundance of things to do and places to see.   Despite its highly developed...