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Corfu Island: Travel guide for Honeymooners

Thinking of a romantic honeymoon, Greece is the perfect destination. The Aegean Islands are not your only choice, equally popular and lovely are the Ionian Islands and Corfu is the ‘queen’, also known as ‘Kerkyra’ as the Greeks call it. Rich in history and...
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Discover Nafplio – The most romantic destination in Peloponnese

A Greek wedding and a honeymoon can be very romantic.  However, if you do not wish to catch another flight connection and wish to do without boat trips for some reason, then Nafplio is the ideal place for you, just a two-hour drive from Athens. It is a most romantic city in the...

When is the best time to visit Greece

The question is what are you really looking for? If you’re into visiting the many, magical islands spread across the sea, then June to August is the best period, keep in mind that due to the global warming effect, the season in many places can be extended to late September...