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Our integrity and reputation will not be sacrificed for the pursuit of profit alone. GreekHoneymoon is a unique travel company specializing in handling customized honeymoon requests in the country of Greece and designing detailed itineraries that combine luxurious travel with an unforgettable and authentic experience.

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Here are some ideas to make your honeymoon in Greece even more special !!

All you need to know for a unique Greek Honeymoon

The Greek islands are the best choice for a romantic honeymoon or a destination-wedding. Among the hundreds of Aegean islands, the Cyclades have become the number one. Santorini, Mykonos, Folegandros, Amorgos just to mention a few attract honeymooners from all corners of the world and for obvious reasons. The mild Mediterranean climate lets you enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the year, especially from mid April to late October. Arriving to Greece, you may want to spend the first couple of days in Athens to overcome the jet lag and plan the details of your trip more meticulously if necessary. romantic honeymoon in Greece

What a better anniversary present to give your partner than a second honeymoon in Greece!

It may be the time to get away from your everyday, busy and stressed life. Indulge in a serene environment that will give you time and energy to share new experiences and pleasures that are abundant in the Greek islands . Just enjoy the fabulous landscape and an amazing sunset, we can rarely see anymore in cities.

Cyclades Islands: The most popular honeymoon destination

More than 200 islands form the Cyclades in the southern Aegean Sea. The name derives from the Greek word Kyklos meaning circle. The Cyclades form a protective circle around the sacred island of Delos, which is the central and smallest island of the group. According to Greek mythology Delos once floated but Poseidon anchored it in place to become the birth place of Appolo.   delos honeymoon greece   Small Cyclades Folegandros, Amorgos and Anafi are ideal for a quiet, intimate time with your partner. A sense of serenity and stillness overcomes you, yet a comfortable stay away from buzzing crowds and lights of nightlife rewards you. The peaceful surroundings help you unwind at the beach or waterfront cafe, read your book, gaze at the clear blue waters and forget all your troubles and worries. Remember you are in your honeymoon and you should spend it with each other talking and sharing anything that gives you pleasure. Then, if you think you've had enough of peace just move on to the vibrant island of Mykonos.   folegandros honeymoon  

Cosmopolitan Mykonos

If night entertainment is your liking then Mykonos is the place. It blends traditional Cycladic charm and modern, chic shopping and dining. It attracts celebrities more than any other Aegean island. It is a place you want to be seen.   Celebrities-Mykonos-   Select your accommodation from the vast range available. A-five star luxury resort on the beach, a luxurious honeymoon suite or a luxury mykonos villa with all modern facilities, spas to relax, pool bars to enjoy an evening cocktail before heading out to Mykonos Chora. On the other hand, if you prefer a secluded accommodation somewhere off the beaten track you will surely find one.  
Mykonos Vilas for rent

Mykonos Vilas for rent - mykonosx.com

  Enjoy an easy walk in the alleys of Chora, colorful shops offering anything from designer's clothing to local handmade souvenirs. Balconies filled with geraniums, bougainvilleas and the fragrance of flowers will accompany you along the way. Start your evening at Little Venice, admire the sunset, eat mezedes while watching passersby, you may even be lucky and see your favorite celebrity.   mykonos sea Dine in luxury or simplicity, at a fine gourmet restaurant or traditional 'taverna'. Greek, Italian Japanese, the choice of traditional or international cuisine, fish or meat, a garden restaurant on the hill overlooking the sea or right on the beach, you decide. Outdoor eating is always enjoyed, under a cool shade during the day, or under the starry sky at night.

Be adventurous when you dine out

It is time to try new tastes of food and drinks like tsipouro and ouzo. Enjoy the Mykonian specialties, locally produced food such as louza ( preserved pork), salad with xiromizithra-ricotta like cheese. Eating at the waterfront try marinated gavros (anchovies) grilled fresh fish and seafood. And if you are off to an early morning start or just getting back from partying try freshly baked bread and pies from the baker's, the aroma will take you there. Dance till the morning hours at one of the island's bars or clubs with music popular Djs. Clubs in Mykonos Town are chic and modern decorated with music by Athens’ best Djs. While at Paradise Beach international Djs will keep you dancing until after sunrise. Check out our Mykonos Honeymoon Packages here   mykonos beach parties

Santorini's Caldera    

Satorini island is the ideal destination for your honeymoon or the perfect spot to renew your vows. Travelers seeking natural beauty and scenic landscapes travel miles across the Oceans and over mountain ranges to come to Fira the picturesque main town perched on the hill overlooking the amazing volcano. Oia, Imerovigli are popular villages offering amazing view of the spectacular sunset. Archaeological sites at Akrotiri and Emporio, are evidence of the thriving prehistoric civilization in Santorini.
Romantic moments in Santorini

Romantic moments in Santorini

In the evening take a romantic walk in the narrow white washed alleys of Fira and find a spot to admire the astonishing sunset and the view of the Aegean glimmering as the sun dives in its deep waters. A rooftop with a view of the volcano and caldera, is the ideal place to renew your vows, no music necessary as you have the soft sound of the waves and that of the summer breeze. santorini-honeymoon-packages Enjoy a meal, tasting traditional produce, chery tomatoes, fava, capers, white eggplant and hloro tyri (goat cheese). Drink excellent local wine produced from local grapes. You can spend your day in a peaceful and serene beach or head to a more popular beach with water sport facilities; water skiing, para-gliding, diving, jet skis. Enjoy deep blue waters, white, red or black sandy beaches, walk barefoot on volcanic pebbles. For the sea lovers an island cruise is the best way to enjoy even the most secluded crave. Boat tours take you on round the island trip, and you can dive and swim in crystal clear waters where no one else can. Sail to the volcano and see the spectacular lava formations. santorini honeymoon photos (14) You can travel further south on daily cruises to other islands even Crete which is the biggest island in the Aegean, known for its rich ancient history. Check out our Santorini Honeymoon Packages here

Exploring Crete Island during your honeymoon 

In Crete you can travel along the coastline, choose the perfect location to spend your day at a beach, sunbathing, swimming or doing water sports of your like, at Elounda, or Agia Marina. Take a tour to see the ancient sites of the Minoan Palace at Knossos, or the old fortress in Rethymno, and for an evening outing the picturesque port of Old Chania is the perfect spot. Nature lovers will enjoy visits to the inner region of Crete, to see traditional villages, mingle with the locals who are always very welcoming and willing to tell stories and legends of the past and offer you a drink of their own homemade 'raki'. limnothalassa in Crete Eating Cretan food is guaranteed to satisfy all tastes and most important is that Crete is famous for its healthy and nutritious cooking style approved by all doctors and dieticians across the world. Before leaving the island you can shop anything from brand name items to local produce which you should actually do, like the best olive oil, raki, wine and honey. They also offer a range of traditional; hand woven and embroidered linen that make a useful gift for someone special back home, your maid of honor, or even your in-laws. Agios Nikolaos port in Crete The exquisite and timeless beauty of the Aegean islands draws couples of all ages to visit them again and again. As there is so much to see and do you will always want to come back for more and bring family and friends with you to share the unforgettable experience. Whatever your budget the Greek island offer a range of hotels, resorts, private villas right on the beach and studios to accommodate all visitors.

Not just a summer honeymoon

The Mediterranean climate offers you the opportunity to have a Greek honeymoon in islands closer to Athens. You can spend a weekend at one of the popular islands of Argosaroniko. Spetses or Hydra are ideal for romantic escapes, they are perfect destinations for your honeymoon all year long. Take a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage, admire mansions of historical personalities and importance and stroll the cobbled streets of the islands. However, if you want to avoid sea travel, Peloponnese is becoming popular for its landscape and coastline. You do not need to catch another flight connection or take a boat trip then Nafplio is the ideal place for you, just a two-hour drive from Athens. It is a most romantic city in the Peloponnese and a popular destination for couples and newlyweds. Spend a romantic honeymoon in Nafplio, the first capital city of Greece. A must see is the fortress of Palamidi, imposing above the city. nafplion greece It can be reached by car or for more energetic couples try the 999 steps to the top. From there you get a magnificent view of the old city and the sea. And the castle of Acronafplia offers a spectacular view of Bourtzi and Arvanitia beach. Last but not least, there's Bourtzi, a 15th century castle, the most famous landmark of Nafplio. Once housed the executioners of Palamidi, then in the 50's it served as a hotel for celebrities. Now it can be visited by boat and it is the venue for many cultural events. Driving further south, it is long but picturesque drive, you reach Monemvasia Rock, a Byzantine fortress town, situated off the southern coast of Peloponnese, is an ideal location for autumn or early spring honeymoon. Once you are there is like stepping back in the Medeival times. monemvasia castle greek honeymoon Everywhere you look, there are historical churches, Venetian mansions now used as boutique hotels and guesthouses. Strolling along the winding,cobbled paths you can enjoy the colorful shops and cafes. During spring , wild flowers, sage and thyme and herbs give off an earthy, natural fragrance in the air. This is the reason, Monemvasia is also known as the Castle of Flowers.

Useful Tips for your Greek honeymoon 

No matter which island or location you choose to visit, there are always going to be enough beaches and sites to check out, touristic or not, the options are endless! romantic couple in Greece So, it is always advisable to check with ferries and flight schedules if you plan to visit more than one island. Spend the last couple of days in Athens so as not to worry about flight connections and possible delays. While you are in the great historical capital, take advantage and visit the Acropolis Museum during the day, stroll in the ancient 'Plaka' cobbled alleys, and dine at a fine restaurant, savor the best of Greek cuisine, souvlaki, mousaka and drink wine or retsina. Do not forget to buy presents and souvenirs from Monastiraki. karyatides-athens-greece